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new aprn alien world interview! this 5 1/2 minute downloadable mp3 gives the best, most accurate info on volitar and the alien world project. beautifully produced by ktoo radio's jeff brown in juneau, alaska january 2006; the interview gives insights into volitar's creation complete with samples from the new cd.

andy engstrom drumming video volitar composer - creator andy engstrom drumming to song #4, "i believe in you" from volitar's brand new cd, alien world. click on the picture---->

from composer/creator andrew engstrom comes the thrilling, saucy science-fiction epic adventure "volitar"...

...episode 1 murder mystery mayhem (released 2002). the year is 2117. mining moon owner trevor braiden, along with planetary geologist dr.desiree lear, return to volitar in search of a new mining site. just hours after their arrival a bomb blast rips through the mining compound leaving trevor bewildered from the loss of his best friend. someone is trying to kill trevor braiden - find out who in this instant cult classic!

...episode 2 alien world (released 2006). vows are shared and the newlyweds, trevor braiden and dr. desiree lear, embark on a honeymoon voyage to the near by planet of intrincia. a short lived honeymoon, their flying saucer is sabotaged and crash lands on the surface of the war-torn alien world of ganthros. ganthronian general, hell bend on learning the secret whereabouts of volitar's santanium ore site, captures trevor and applies ancient earth torture methods brought back from the spanish inquisition. laser fights, hydro-cycles, romance...

...the ultimate hard rock sci-fi movie without image!

volitar ebook "the making of volitar: murder mystery mayhem". a 30 page ebook featuring in-depth articles, cast pictures and exclusive web access. click on the picture---->

murder mystery mayhem 1 minute audio preview!

volitar is an innovative blend of audio book, comic book, concept album and movie for the ears! -----> jedd beaudoin -

tom sawyer: juneau alaska's progressive rock music force. tom sawyer feature's volitar: alien world music in concert. plus, the music of dave crabtree, george wallace, ward f. ward and the tantalizing vocal stylings of angela creapeau. recent concert pictures and tom sawyer info.

special "chaos 1985" ebook is available for friends and family to download. includes link to chaos music sampler, band photos, parties, concerts and more! click on the picture to download ebook... it's free!


volitar testimonials:

murder mystery mayhem is wonderfully imaginative and original... in a cool, retro sort of way. i've always loved the idea of radio-style shows with music. seems like you've invented something for the new

dave hunsaker - author


the facts: "murder, mystery, mayhem" is a concept cd in the grandest sense

detailing mining-moon owner trevor braiden's (played by composer andrew engstrom) trip to the planet volitar in the year 2117, a gwar-informed monster named enox (also engstrom), nitranium ore sex and an entendre-spewing romantic interest.

think somewhere between dio's "magica" and cloven hoof's "dominator".

tony stasiek - the bellingham herald


in the style of a radio show, clever dialogue ties the songs together and contains enough innuendo to keep the listener entertained.

from "just one look" with its mainstream top 40 sound to "nightmare", a fusion rock wonder, the music is the backbone of the cd. innovative sound effects complete the package.

barb cambell


"the music rocks!!"

concept reminds me of queensryche's operation mind crime cd, the music is a mixture of them, rush, red hot chili peppers.

lisa weber


"energetic, catchy, + original"

"track 5 - 'faces' - is somewhere between primitive radio gods + rob zombie.

peter jon gillquist - saint romanos records


"a massive undertaking, impressively accomplished"

joel reynolds - ak this month


volitar creator composer andrew engstromandrew engstrom
volitar creator/ composer

volitar was created in the style of some of my favorite concept music cd's i.e.... the who's "tommy", pink floyd's "the wall" and queensryche's "operation mind crime". by combining elements of music , sound effects, and character dialog, the 2 cd set of "murder mystery mayhem" and "alien world" create a full length hard rock, science fiction "movie without images". and... it's the only concept album to span 2 cd's ever made! seven and a half years in the making!

volitar was also inspired by songs that integrated sound effects and themes into the music, i.e.... rush's "witch hunt", "count down", and "natural science", and great science fiction paper back audio i.e.... ray bradbury's "here there be tigers". volitar was influenced by some of my favorite 1960's television and movie sci-fi, i.e.... "star trek", "the day the earth stood still", the forbidden planet", and "barbarella". mix all of these components together and you have volitar.

- andy engstrom

ps get the 2 cd set now and i guarantee you... you'll trip.


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