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issue #6
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1) featured artist - volitar actor, tim hulse.

"from chaos to colorado to volitar" and "budweiser kings and spandex fiends."

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volitar actor -tim hulse


"from chaos to colorado to volitar"

tim hulse performed the character voice of harold athey, director of plant operations, in the volitar: murder mystery mayhem cd. being the owner of his own business, (sri) southeast remodel inc., he brings a real world business experience to his role combined with a light heartedness from his personality. i could write a detailed account of the volitar recording experience with tim, who was accompanied in the studio by his daughter aubrey but, instead want to focus on the early rock & roll years we shared together.

(andy, tim, dave and tracy at jody's house party.)

my friendship and musical relationship with tim hulse goes back far beyond the conception of volitar in 1998. originally, we met and began performing in a juneau, alaska based cover band named "chaos" in 1985. often we played house parties and small concerts dressed in the typical attire for candy rockers in the mid 1980's; we were serious glamour boys back then! we wore all of the fun garb from bandanas and leopard skin stretch pants to eye liner and lip gloss. often tim's girlfriend (future wife) carrie would help apply the make-up at shows; it was all about having fun.

the idea of having fun would not be complete without mentioning our friend and band photographer, craig hogan who supplied many of the bands moments of glamdom on film. dave crabtree, chaos guitarist, used to keep in his possession the latest copy of the rock magazine circus so our stage garb would never be out of date. at one time i remember having worn 21 articles of clothing!!!


along with the sugar coated rock originals written and composed by dave, tim sang the latest top 40 hits from the likes of motley crue, don dokken, april wine and ratt. the cover song that i believe best represents tim's melodic strength and vocal style was april wine's "just between you and me" which we performed frequently. tim's seductive vocal style often helped smooth the rough edges of chaos's raw sound.


in addition to the role of lead vocalist, tim played rhythm and lead guitar for the band, i believe the "tube screamer" was his favorite guitar effects box. like his vocal style, tim's guitar work complimented dave's distorted monster crunch tone with a rounder, smoother quality.

after 8 months of giging and winning the respect and admiration of our peers the bands high life began to unravel. internal band problems eventually lead to the ousting of chaos bassist tracy mcpherson which quickly lead to the bands temporary demise. in the summer of 1988, we brought the whole band back from the grave to rock the long-a-waited "chaos reunion bash" in juneau.

after a couple days of rehearsal and a successful show the group decided to reform. this was a serious commitment because it meant that dave, tim, carrie and tracy would have to pack up their lives and move to fort collins, colorado where i would be attending college at colorado state university. all but one made the 2000+ mile journey including new live sound engineer larry athey. this time tracy went completely mia. several months had past before we had word that he was living in las vegas and would not be joining us.

(tim, tracy and dave - sound check at jody's)

because of the incompletion of our band we focused our efforts on recording dave's originals instead of playing live. a campus sponsored battle of the bands was the only show we performed. we had a strong showing of 2nd place, not bad considering chaos had to win the applause where the other bands brought it with local fans. during the fall of 1988, tim, dave and i recorded an untitled 4 song demo at eye in the sky studios, owned by randy miotke of laporte, colorado. dave and tim split the guitar solos 50/50, dave on 2 and tim on 2. i laid down the drum tracks, keyboard bass lines and synthesizer parts. dave nailed down, what i like to refer to as, "springy" crunch rhythm guitar tracks. while the group being fairly inexperienced in the music studio world, tim did an excellent job singing both the lead and harmony vocals.
(andy, dave and tim at an abandoned train graveyard in fort collins, colorado - 1988.) during our stay in colorado carrie worked at a camera shop where she met local photographer carol housley. on a sunny saturday in november we posed, with carol behind the camera's eye, for several shots we hoped would make a suitable album cover. as you can tell in the photograph dave and tim still kept the latest edition of circus in their pocket, they were hip to the current look, while i was still wearing spandex!
sadly, the chaos days were ending, everybody packed up and went their separate way... until now. today, 14 years later, we are planning to release chaos's 4 song cd for the first time along with a coffee table style picture book of the band and a band t-shirt. we need your support!!! to make this dream a reality we are asking for a $30 donation to help offset the costs of creating this memorabilia. with your $30 donation you will receive the cd, picture book and t-shirt upon completion. we plan to release this collection in early february of 2003. at that time we'll schedule a release party in juneau, alaska for all to attend.


we are also very interested in your chaos memories! we are taking submissions of stories, photos and any bootleg audio or video you would like to contribute for publication. please limit your stories to 500 words. there is a december 1, 2002 deadline for entries so, start your pencils writting now! all items will become the property of chaos and will not be used in any other release other than this special chaos set described. we will return all pictures and audio/videos bootlegs you contribute. you are encouraged to send a rock'n picture of yourself to accompany your story. the picture must be from the mid to late 1980's. please consider, when writting a chaos story, to not slander the reputations of people you choose to include in your story - we are all respectable citizens now. (ha! ha!)



andrew engstrom - volitar creator and chaos band member


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chaos cd, picturebook and t-shirt!

please make checks payable to: volitar industries

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(when ordering from outside of juneau add $6 for s&h to total $36.)

volitar industries
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229 north franklin street
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!!!more on tim hulse and chaos from chaos guitarist dave crabtree!!!

"budweiser kings and spandex fiends"


(the budweiser king -dave crabtree. parents don't let your kids see this!)

here's a little bitty 'bout a friend of mine that i had the privilege of knowing and playing music with during the most influential years of my life. i figure that it would interest you 'cause you were part of those years as well.

i met tim while learning how to play guitar and writing music with someone we'll call pretty boy floyd who could sing and play a mean splish splash and act like he was taking a bath but, that's another story.

anyway, this guy came into the jam room, and i mean room 'cause it was a bedroom converted into a jam room by force. he was introduced to us by a short wiry character that had a bass but his parents wouldn't allow him to play it. that too is another story. so this tall blonde haired dude walked in with confidence and a fender in his hand, which was all it took for us to say, "hey, wanna join our band?"   (andy engstrom - spandex fiend!)


"what is the name of the band?" he asked.

"we don't know yet but we'll find one."

"what kind of music do you play?"

" i don't know, what do you play?"

we were off to a great start. we sat down and played ten different versions of tom sawyer for the next couple of weeks until this blonde haired dude says, "hey, i know a couple of songs by this band called april wine, wanna try 'em out?"

me and pretty boy floyd say, "why not."

then it all took off from there, two april wine songs, a couple of honey moon suite tunes, sammy hagar, bad company, dokken, motley crue, and on and on, it just got contagious. people started showing up to rehearsals, mostly guys. after awhile whole lots of young female types showed up, which was very good for inspiration, but bad for concentration. finally we got a bass player and our first gig arrived within weeks. just to back up a bit i have to say the force behind learning all these songs was that this blonde haired dude could sing, and i mean really sing. it was in him, part of him, it just flowed out so effortlessly.

our first gig was great, and we came up with a name for the band while driving erratically through a vacant lot where taco bell currently sits. chaos became the word for all to live by. we played some great parties and some not so great. nothing like playing rock-n-roll in the rain with lots of crazy drunk people and electricity literally at your finger tips. we were rock stars without a record deal but that was ok! we lived it by dressing and playing the part. we were gonna be on the cover of magazines eventually, (so we told each other.) we were the budweiser kings and spandex fiends. although i have to admit the blonde haired dude was too smart to wear spandex, but he did wear a mean bandanna, and moccasins.


we played cover tunes, wrote a couple of songs, and played in the first rock concert at centennial hall called rock fest '85 along with local bands hero and chrome forest. eventually we went our separate ways. yea, we played that song too. i went north and pretty boy floyd went south while the blonde haired dude stayed in juneau. after being apart for a few years, we missed each other and planned a reunion gig back in juneau. it went over great and we even made enough money to pay for part of our travel and the rental of the hall. we got drunk the next day at bullwinkles and talked about moving to colorado to keep playing and maybe find our spot in rock-n-roll history.


(carrie, tim, dave and andy in colorado.)


one month later we were all in colorado renting this big house on 65 acres. at first we started with some cover tunes, then the guys heard some of the stuff i was writing and we changed directions. cover tunes were for warming up then we would tackle the originals. they were sounding great, better than great. i was so excited my face would hurt from smiling for so long during rehearsals. this blonde haired dude added so much to the music i was writing that i couldn't stop, i had to keep writing out of shear force of inspiration from my musical buddies.

pretty boy floyd and i would work out the rhythm parts and dynamics of the songs while the blonde haired dude would work his magic on the vocal parts. eventually we went into a studio and recorded four of the songs we had been working on. i only had eight hundred bucks so that meant a two hundred dollar budget per song. we figured out that we would record one guitar and drum track live as a scratch track then play over the top of that erasing the scratch track for additional room. we had sixteen channels to work with, four hours a day for four days, then we were broke finished or not. unbelievably we were able to complete a song a day with little room to tear down for the next band coming in to record. i remember so clearly when the blonde haired dude was singing when we make love the sound engineer remarked, "wow! that guy just sang a perfect chord." he was right, we all were in awe by his power and range during the whole recording process. nothing's ever said was another example of his beautiful voice and power. he added originality as well as his own flavor to the song. i can still listen to the last verse of that song over and over. needless to say pretty boy floyd, the blonde haired dude and i became chaos, and then the lost boyz and eventually just some guys from juneau, alaska, making our own way in life. the rest is just history.


that's my two cents.

sincerely: dave crabtree

blonde haired dude: aka tim hulse
pretty boy floyd: aka andy engstrom


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