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the volitar miner  - news from the 22nd  century  a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar ® october 2002
a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar

issue #7
in this issue:

1) "volitar: murder mystery mayhem release parties 3/08/2002 & 4/19/2002"

business with volitar: story and collage from volitar's murder mystery mayhem cd prerelease and release parties.

2) "in the style of a radio play"

volitar: murder mystery mayhem review by barb cambell

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volitar: murder mystery mayhem release parties 3/08/2002 & 4/19/2002

(top row) volitar creator - andrew engstrom, magic 100.7's rhonda mann, hangar on the wharf's marisa morgan, valleri collins, (super sized) volitar's nannette harding - carrie arbogast.

(right side) volitar's trevor braiden - andrew engstrom, nannette harding - carrie arbogast, volitarian barb cambell, volitar's dr. desiree lear - becky engstrom.

(bottom left group of 10) (top row) volitar's taylor parish and bassist - ford james, volitar graphic artist - bud curtis, andrew engstrom, gold street studio's tag eckles and mark alton. (bottom row) carrie arbogast, volitar's anchor woman - joan cahill, volitar mix and mastering engineer - george bryson, volitar flutist - andrea mogil, becky engstrom

the prerelease party at the hangar ballroom in juneau, alaska on 3/08/2002 was a special moment in my life for several reasons. up until this private airing of the murder mystery mayhem cd only a handful of people had experienced the complete 47 minute production. most of the cast members and musicians had no idea of how their part would fit into the whole. because the cd was created over a 3 1/2 year period, some cast members literally waited 2+ years to hear the final product from the time they recorded in the studio! the party also gave me the opportunity to personally thank the crew for all their great work. it was a moment for cast members to get to know one another over a glass of champagne and hors d'oeuvres. my wife becky surprised me showing up with 2 cakes; one had bud curtis's volitar cd cover design imprinted in its frosting and the other fashioned the volitar cd impression. under the control of (mmm) engineer george bryson, we set the p.a. in true stereo by bi-amping the system. after an hour or so of socializing we climbed aboard our rocket and with the push of the play button we blasted off into the science fiction world of volitar! it was a great relief and sense of accomplishment to see and hear all of the positive reactions afterwards.

rhonda mann of kfmg magic 100.7fm was one of the media guests invited to the prerelease party. thanks to george's enthusiasm along with an audio sneak preview, rhonda arrived at the party with station banners in hand ready to claim the broadcast premiere rights to her station. i accepted and we began recording exclusive "the making of volitar" interviews to fill the 1 hour broadcast. rhonda recorded magic 100.7fm ads from the satellite feed which i scattered throughout the premiere along with interviews that were recorded at volitar studios and gold street studios. engineer mark alton and composer tag eckles accompanied george at gold street with the production and recording of interviews. becky and rhonda worked out a detailed script telling of the volitar: murder mystery mayhem cd release party which encouraged people to come dressed in futuristic costumes. they also created a create the character contest. the idea was to listen to volitar's premiere broadcast and come as you would think a volitar character would dress in the 22nd century. on thursday, april 18th at 8pm we cut into the satellite feed with the help of the best program sponsors in juneau. special thanks go out to (sri) southeast remodel inc., shattack and grummett insurance, alaska litho, and the hangar on the wharf for making the magic 100.7fm's premiere broadcast of volitar: murder mystery mayhem a reality!

we had a lot if fun getting ready for the murder mystery mayhem cd release party that was to be held again at the hangar ballroom the evening following the airing. this time the party was for the general public. silverbow bagels' customers must have thought george and i mad as they watched us march by the eateries exterior with a coffin in our hands! i made sure to have a patron video tape us; sometime in the future this and other making of volitar footage will be available to view - keep reading to find out when. the coffin was a necessity to hold the many prizes our sponsors gave us. during track 13, dead, the coffin was carried in a processional march symbolizing the death of volitar character taylor parish (hence the name murder mystery mayhem.) after enjoying the cd in its entirety from the initial spaceship countdown, to clinking glasses when cd characters toasted with champagne, and dancing when cd characters danced, we then opened the coffin and gave away party gifts to all. thank yous go out to ken & jill at the silverbow inn for the coffin, the alaskan brewery, odom corporation and k & l distributors for party prizes (t-shirts, hats etc...) and the jrc juneau racquet club for donating a 1 month free membership as our grand prize. bill glude and fiancee penny won the membership by creating and wearing the best "create the character" costume. to help promote the cd release party becky, carrie arbogast and i, dressed up as our volitar characters (dr. desiree lear, nannette harding and trevor braiden) and crashed the alaska folk festival with party literature. we received plenty of strange looks from the plain clothed festival goers. this sort of thing is common place in a city like los angeles but, in juneau, alaska it sure turned a few heads! at the party glenn miller, rhonda, carrie, barb cambell, becky and i performed a futuristic dance choreographed for track 6, faces, by professional dance choreographer becky engstrom. this will also be available in the future on video thanks to ray imel who manned the cameras that evening.

at a later date i plan to create from these video images a "how to throw a volitar party" video that will be geared towards college campuses around the world and radio stations looking for great promotional party material.

feel free to download the volitar: murder mystery mayhem cd release party collage. (above)

written by andrew engstrom

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(chaos's andy engstrom, dave crabtree and tim hulse.)

issue #6 september 2002

in this issue

1) featured artist - volitar actor, tim hulse.

"from chaos to colorado to volitar" and "budweiser kings and spandex fiends."

take a blast to the past! 1985 candy rockers "chaos" are featured in septembers edition of the volitar miner. (click here to read)



volitar: murder mystery mayhem review by barb cambell

"in the style of a radio show"


just when you think you know someone and he seems perfectly normal, you find out that the guy ís really a genius in disguise. that ís how i felt about andy engstrom the first time i listened to murder mystery mayhem. i'd seen andy sit down at the piano and play beautiful melodies that he had written. still, i was unprepared for the exceptional talent and versatility he demonstrates on this cd.

mmm's format is reminiscent of firesign theater, bringing back youthful memories from the early 70's. in the style of a radio show, clever dialogue ties the songs together and contains enough innuendo to keep the listener entertained. from "just one look" with its mainstream top 40 sound to "nightmare", a fusion rock wonder, the music is the backbone of the cd. innovative sound effects complete the package.

take the trip to volitar ñ you'll enjoy the ride!

barb cambell


former juneau, ak resident peter jon gillguist has produced a rock-u-mentary that features the making of his music, 3 music videos and beautiful scenery from alaska's capitol city. if you are from juneau you may have seen his music videos on local tv. if you'd like more information about peter jon, his music and his rock-u-mentary "real to reel" please visit him at www.peterjon.com.
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