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the volitar miner  - news from the 22nd  century  a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar ® november 2002
a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar

issue #8
in this issue:

1) "carl behnert: sci-fi's newest star"

featured artist - carl behnert

2) "murder mystery mayhem: a concept cd in the grandest sense"

cd review by the bellingham herald's - tony stasiek

"carl behnert: sci-fi's newest star"

i'm hang'n at murray damitio's "hangar on the wharf" restaurant and night club one sunny summer morning 2001 when i see someone upstairs with a portable cd player on, singing "maria" from the west side story cd, through the drone of the vacuum cleaner. i thought to myself, 'andy when was the last time you heard someone so enthusiastic about music he was willing to sing it out loudly, in public, without any embarrassment'? i was impressed by carl's passion for music, especially music from musicals, and asked him to join the volitar: murder mystery mayhem cast to record a character voice or two in the studio. he was happy to oblige and we set a recording date.

  "imagine being asked to play the role of a french speaking ganthronian extraterrestrial who happens to wait tables in a night club! that's exactly what i asked of carl and he pulled it off perfectly"


little did carl know that, at the time, i didn't have a character for carl to act. that didn't matter, i was determined to create a character to enable carl's voice to be part of the cd.

imagine being asked to play the role of a french speaking ganthronian extraterrestrial who happens to wait tables in a night club! that's exactly what i asked of carl and he pulled it off perfectly. carl plays the part of the ganthronian waiter in the murder mystery mayhem cd.

he also plays the part of a night club patron. carl loves the west side story musical so much that i asked him to summarize its' story as though he was having a conversation with another club goer. i recorded the summary and placed it fairly deep in the mix of track 5, the gateway theater scene. in the full mix of the gateway theater scene, as you'll notice, carl's ganthronian waiter part is fairly easy to hear on the right side of the audio field but, the wss summary is difficult to hear and is placed deep in the left side of the audio field. for the benefit of hearing carl's parts clearly, i've remixed a portion of the scene to highlight carl's voices.

click here to download this special carl behnert mp3. (this file size is 1.38mb) download time will vary depending on your internet connection speed.

in the real volitar (mmm) mix the night club patron part is embedded in the scene to create a real night club atmosphere behind the main dialogue; to give "depth" to the scene.

listen closely to the ganthronian waiter part. you can clearly hear the waiter asking a woman what she would like to drink. then, while serving the drink the waiter accidentally drops the drink and it's glass shatters on the floor; surprised, he shrieks. later, he comes back to sweep up the glass.

i'm happy to announce carl will be acting the part of a ganthronian war general as the volitar saga continues in the "war in ganthros".

thank-you carl!





carl's statistics:

favorite cd ---> besides my volitar cd (because andy made it and i'm in it), the sound of music and west side story are my very favorites. i also like my fair lady and phantom of the opera.

theater experience ---> i was in the chorus of the sound of music when my high school (juneau-douglas) put on this musical. my sister lara was in west side story when she was in high school.

additional info ---> i was born here in juneau, i’m 23 years old, i live in my own apartment, i have 3 different jobs and a very cute girlfriend. my ancestors came from germany.

carl behnert

written by andrew engstrom ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------




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volitar: murder mystery mayhem cd review

by tony stasiek

"murder mystery mayhem: a concept cd in the grandest sense"

the facts: "murder, mystery, mayhem" is a concept cd in the grandest sense, detailing mining-moon owner trevor baiden's (played by composer andrew engstrom) trip to the planet volitar in the year 2117, a gwar-informed monster named enox (also engstrom), nitranium ore sex and an entendre-spewing romantic interest. think somewhere between dio's "magica" and cloven hoof's "dominator." partially operating on state and city grants, engstrom took 3þ years and nine helpers to create a dialogue-heavy prog-rock opera, with each track intended to mimic a different genre. oh, and volitar is from juneau, alaska (we're the closest cd-review source, engstrom says).

highlights: "faces," which sounds like public image limited inside the star wars cantina; the dead-on sound effects that indicate a spaceship liftoff as well as cryogenic freezing; and the line, "it is amazing what you've done to this old theater, transporting it from 1942 france and turning it into volitar's hottest night club. congratulations to you."

right back atcha.

self-released.; volitar industries, 229 n. franklin st., juneau, ak 99801; www.volitar.com

thank you tony stasiek! tony published this review 10/17/2002 in the bellingham herald's entertainment section called "take 5". he writes the column "sounds: recent northwest cd releases". http://www.bellinghamherald.com

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