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the volitar miner  - news from the 22nd  century  a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar ® march 2004
a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar

issue #13
in this issue:

1) $5 sale @ cdbaby.com:

"murder mystery mayhem's $5 sale celebrates volitar's 2nd anniversary"

2) recording in progress:

"life long friends team up to produce music cd"

  1989 - former "chaos" band members strike a pose


$5 sale celebrates anniversary

cd baby, the web's largest independent music retailer, recently began offering music cd's for sale for $5 each from all recording artists who wanted to participate. i thought to myself, "andy, what a great way to say thanks to all of the people who have shown there undying support for volitar and the project as a whole"! and...

...what better way, for those of you who haven't sampled the murder mystery mayhem epic to check it out - at $5 a pop, you can't lose! but there's a catch...

...the deal is, you are required to buy at least "3" cd's at cdbaby.com that are listed at the special $5 price. the great thing is, there are literally hundreds of indie recording artists that are selling their music at this ungodly low price.

all you need to do is go http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/volitar, select "add to cart", then go to cd baby's "home page" and you'll be able to browse through the other cd choices. basically, you are getting 3 cd's for the price of 1 ==> pretty awesome - huh?!

why is $5 a big deal?

i can tell you, first hand, the production of volitar: murder mystery mayhem cost me $5 a cd not only that, cd baby keeps $2 and gives me $3 of the sale - i'm literally taking a $2 loss on each sale and... consequently, so are the other artists involved.

then, why do we do it?

sometimes, for an artist, money isn't everything. at this point, i'd like to see as many people enjoying what i've and the efforts of the whole volitar crew have poured our hearts and soles into. i'd like to get it into as many hands as possible at this moment but...

...supplies are limited, and when the current "run" of mmm cd's sellout, i won't be making any more. eventually, after the second volitar cd"alien world" is produced, alien world and murder mystery mayhem will be combined in a 2 cd package. if you have murder mystery mayhem, hold on to it, it will soon be a collector's item!

here's the link again ====> http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/volitar.


- andrew engstrom / volitar creator

ps when you go to this link, the price for volitar says $12 but, don't worry, after you've selected 2 more from the $5 cd's at cd baby's home page, your volitar cd will list as $5.

thanks for your support!!!!!!!!!!




1989 - former "chaos" band members strike a poserecording in progress:

"life long friends team up to produce music cd"


dave and i grew up playing music together since we were in 10th grade attending jdhs, juneau-douglas high school. ofcourse, we used to "hang" together before that but, that's when the noise began! dave being a guitarist and i, the drummer, we eventually wanted to form a complete rock band, so we went in search of other players. i've devoted a whole other "volitar miner" to chaos, our 1980's candy rock band so, i encourage you to get more details about our early rock-n-roll days by following this link:


the latest news is...

dave is recording a "brand new" cd, not yet titled, but currently in the heat of the recording process. so far, i've had the privilege of laying down 4 drum tracks for dave so, i'm about 1/2 way through my portion of the recording process.

we have been recording since late february at juneau's gold street studios with, you guessed it...

volitar's recording engineer, george bryson, who is now a permanent fixture at gold street. good for him, he's got a great room, rig and is capturing and mixing some awesome tones.

dave's music has greatly evolved from our candy rock days. his tunes are extremely well organized, have melodies that synch flawlessly to the harmonies and has allowed me liberties on the rhythm and percussion parts. i'll tell ya', there is nothing better than formulating a drum part with a composer who knows how to "do drums" - most composers are deficient in this area.

dave's music covers many genre's; rock, blues, ======> oh hell... you'll just have to wait to hear it! for now, i just wanted to fill you into what is going on musically with dave and to let you know other projects are happening in place of volitar's second cd. i'll keep you posted as to it's progress, when the time comes.

by-the-way, that's me and dave pictured above; today - dave still has plenty of hair - that bastard!

if you are interested, dave would really appreciate your support. what we are asking is... a $20 pre cd offering to help off set the expense of recording, hiring session players, mixing, mastering, artwork and manufacturing his cd. your $20 will get you dave's cd and your name will be in "print" as a "sponsor" within the cd's jacket.

that's pretty cool! get your name printed in a music cd! for more info on dave's music and how to become a sponsor, please

- andrew engstrom

copyright 2004 volitar industries
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