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the volitar miner  - news from the 22nd  century  a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar ® june 2005
a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar

issue #14
in this issue:

the making of volitar: "drumming by - andrew engstrom video"

 sneak preview video from volitar's upcoming cd, "alien world" !!!

click here to listen and watch volitar composer/ creator andy engstrom drum to a segment of song #4, "i believe in you". (13.8 megs), may take a few minutes to download but, well worth the wait!


sneak preview video

volitar continues sci-fi rock cd with "alien world", 'murder mystery mayhem's' sequel; ending the volitar story.

june 2005,

three years have passed since volitar's debut album 'murder mystery mayhem', one of 2002 more controversial releases. but that was then and this is now, and now volitar brings the rest
of the their epic sci-fi adventure to light.

the album is rich in atmosphere, a lush cinematic experience in sensurround sound. if 'murder mystery mayhem' sounded like a compilation, 'alien world' is a total trip. and it's been quite a ride for the crew from volitar.

the cd's music has been professionally mixed and mastered by the 'guru of swing', mr. george
bryson. later this fall volitar's cast will be assembled to record dialog which will be interjected
into the album to create the longest "movie without images" ever produced - a one of a kind
musical experience. alien world is due to be released for public consumption this holiday season 2005.

to get the ball rolling, the volitar miner (volitar.com's news publication), is releasing it's first of a series of 'behind the scenes - making of alien world' newsletters.

volitar creator and composer, andy engstrom is featured in a 1 minute drumming video highlighting a snippet of alien world's track 4, "i believe in you". the video clip is a live, in the studio shot, that has been mixed to the songs final master. the video features a great overhead angle that will put you on the drum throne!

join andy behind the scenes as the making of alien world begins...


...click here to download "i believe in you - drumming video"
(13.8 megs) copyright 2005 volitar industries - all rights reserved.


note: video synch is great using "real or windows media players". not in synch with "quick time.


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