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issue #3
in this issue:

1) featured artist - volitar flutist, andrea mogil

2) the making of volitar (part 2) - hollywood recording sessions of just one look w/ leslie rostron, andrew engstrom and george bryson

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listeners views on the volitar "murder mystery mayhem" cd

"the music rocks!!concept reminds me of queensryche's operation mind crime cd, the music is a mixture of them, rush, red hot chili peppers." ---lisa weber---

"track 5 rocks! 'faces' is somewhere between primitive radio gods + rob zombie. energetic, catchy, + original". --- peter jon gillquist---

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volitar flutist - andrea mogil


originally, i had only one song on the murder mystery mayhem cd that called for flute but, after recording andrea's beautiful performance on dead i began to envision flute parts in other songs. in later sessions she came back to record flute performances on mourning and free. each performance was multi tracked (or recorded more than once). the same flute line in each song was recorded twice and panned left and right to create a realistic stereo image. additionally, we recorded an alto flute an octave lower than the other two parts for a larger than life sound.

during the recording of mourning andrea helped develop a harmony part in here flute line to accentuate the melody in the piano. it is a strikingly haunting harmony and deserves recognition.

in her own words, andrea writes about her musical experience:

andrea, age 4, playing her first recorder on the lap of sal schoenbach, former principle bassoonist of the philadelphia orchestra.


i began studying flute when i was 8, just outside of philadelphia. the high school band visited our elementary school and performed 'stars and stripes' complete with a standup piccolo solo. it was the loudest, most obnoxious thing i had ever heard and i wanted to do it, badly. but, when my parents inquired about lessons, they were instructed that it would be necessary to start on flute in order to develop sufficient skills to play piccolo (or something like that) so i started flute lessons at home. i soon joined the elementary school 'orchestra' and played in various orchestral ensembles from that point continuously until moving to juneau 2 years ago.

i studied composition at princeton university, where i also formed a woodwind quintet and participated in various contemporary music ensembles. during that time and while earning a master's degree in flute performance at the yale school of music in new haven, connecticut, i became increasingly interested in small ensemble and contemporary music performance. i pursued similar interests in seattle for several years, even while eventually attending law school there and practicing as an attorney. i also developed a considerable teaching studio.

even after a variety of interesting recording experiences with world-class musicians on both coasts, i found working on 'volitar' to be the most fun yet. i especially enjoyed andy's pride in the material combined with the flexibility and assurance to allow me to lend my own occasional creative input so that the result was good for both of us. it was the first time i'd recorded on alto flute for a while too, and, 'wow!' being able to hear the sound of it coming back at me was inspiring of other musical endeavors and also a good case of bass envy which i may never overcome.

i think the very best part of my 'volitar' experience was the privilege of sharing andy's unmitigated dedication and enthusiasm. i love all the music, the story, the graphics, the whole package, but know that working on it under anyone else's direction would not have been so inspiring.

i look forward to future 'volitar' projects, as well as putting together some excellent original flute-and-percussion based material with andy.

listen in, folks! andrea mogil


andrea forgot to mention that she also is a talented gourmet chef. on several of andrea's practice or recording sessions at volitar studio's she would bring a home baked treat, she would bring the chocolate bread i'd make the turkish coffee. yummm!

written by andrew engstrom



(part 2) just one look

andrew engstrom and leslie rostron mixing "just one look" at skip saylor's recording studios in hollywood, california.

while recording drum tracks for volitar, i had a chance to collaborate with leslie rostron of the truffles. the collaboration and recording of just one look, track 8 on the murder mystery mayhem cd, took place at paramount recording studios in hollywood, ca (11/99) - leslie and i brain stormed to put the final touches on the second verse. at paramount we met up with another southeast alaska to hollywood transplant, recording engineer george bryson. george, consequently, helped me apply for the alaska state council on the arts grant that i was awarded that funded the trip. this grant was designed to help me expand my network as a studio drummer. while in hollywood i also performed drum tracks for george and a client of his outside of the volitar project.
just one look is a simple song and was designed for radio play. being a pop song, george insisted we multi-track leslie's lead vocals. leslie was recorded singing the whole song 5 times, 2 times for the lead melody and 3 times for the harmony vocals. the only other time in the murder mystery mayhem cd we emphasized the vocals to that degree was in track 16, free were i sing, suddenly i'm free from all the things that haunted me... and in the wind i see the sands of time keep falling. george recorded me singing those lines 6 times. those tracks were then blended to give a larger then life effect - huge!

after recording the drums, keyboard, and vocal tracks, i returned to juneau where ford james and scott hamilton performed the bass and guitar tracks at volitar studios. an additional keyboard line was written into the music and bammm!

next i returned to the concrete jungle, hollyweird (3/2000), this time we gathered, bryson, roston, and myself, at skip saylors recording studios to mix some of the songs to go on the album. just one look was the only hollywood mix we used out of a group of 4 songs that were prepared. the other 3, the fire of section 17, deep freeze and soul searching were mixed with the rest of the cd (1/2002) at volitar studios in juneau, alaska.

a note of interest: just one look was not originally intended to be on the mmm cd. it wasn't until a year later that i decided dr. desiree lear would be approached by taylor parish and taylor would threaten to expose her past, secret life, to the man she was falling in love with, trevor braiden. saddened by the threats of parish, desiree longs for just one look from trevor to let her know that everything will be all right.

just one look is = eighties style power cheese pop!!!




written by andrew engstrom

engineer george bryson mixing "just one look" at skip saylor's recording studios in hollywood, california.

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