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1) the making of volitar (part 3) sound effects (part 1)

2) 72 free music downloads

3) who's new at volitar?

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volitar sound engineer george bryson is taking reservations in juneau, alaska for his audio workshop. use this link for more info. (907)723-9448

listeners views on the volitar "murder mystery mayhem" cd
"the music rocks!!concept reminds me of queensryche's operation mind crime cd, the music is a mixture of them, rush, red hot chili peppers." ---lisa weber---
"track 5 rocks! 'faces' is somewhere between primitive radio gods + rob zombie. energetic, catchy, + original". --- peter jon gillquist---

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(part 3) sound effects (part 1)

in this article you'll not only be able to read about the special sound effects that were blended into the murder mystery mayhem cd but, you'll also be able to listen to a raw sound sample and the sound sample in context of the scene or song. you're welcome to save and use these volitar samples as you wish. also, if you don't have a music player installed on your computer click on this link for a basic real player, it's free!

many of the sound effects were compiled and used from sound effects libraries; the same way modern composers use drum, guitar and other canned loops, but many had to be created in the studio to fit the scene correctly. one such example is the unzipping sound created for desiree to give the illusion she was undressing. use the link below to hear this raw sample.


most of the zippers around the studio were to low in volume to record until i found the zipper on my winter coat. i knew i didn't need to mic it in stereo because i would be panning that part of the action to the right so , i used only one microphone to record the zipper. i simply placed a mic on a stand 3 to 4 inches from the middle of the zipper. while wearing the coat i unzipped it pulling the zipper past the mic.

in the same scene, track 15 - desiree for dessert, i needed the sound of a futuristic door opening. there are 3 different door opening sounds in murder mystery mayhem. the first sound was in the opening sequence, blast-off, the second sound opens track 9 - machine shop, and the third, track 15. in desiree for dessert i used a sound out of a roland d-110 sound module; 1989. coming from a synthesiser, it allowed me to control the duration of the door opening by holding down a note on the keyboard as long as i desired. use the link below to hear this sample.

space door

use the link below to hear the unzipping and space door sound effects blended in with the desiree for dessert scene.

desiree for dessert sample

the nightmare sequence is chalk full of sound effects and one of my favorites is a sample of a recorded copper pot. in the kitchen i selected a 2 quart pot, filled the bottom with water and with a drum stick i struck the pot. a change in pitch is the effect i was looking for and striking the pot while holding the handle i tipped it 90 degrees. again, only one mic was used and during the mixing session engineer george bryson and i decided to pan the sample left and right. use the link below to hear this sample.

copper pot

use the link below to hear the copper pot sound effect blended in with the nightmare scene.

nightmare sample

stay tuned as the making of volitar continues in august!

written by andrew engstrom



72 free music downloads

your direct link to free music files from 72 of today's best independent artists. take a chance and expose yourself to some cool, new sounds. http://www.bob-baker.com/freemusic/ in an era of digital music lawsuits and music piracy paranoia, it's good to know there are still sources of free and legal music from topnotch musical acts. that's the idea behind "72 free music downloads," a directory of six dozen independent music artists who are willingly giving away their digital songs to eager music fans. anyone can download the directory for free at http://www.bob-baker.com/freemusic.

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who's new at volitar?

*former juneau alaskan musician rory merritt stitt's cd "narcissist" is now available at volitar!

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*juneau alaskan musician sarah c. hanson's cd "breaking strings" is available at volitar!

http://www.sarahchanson.com <----about

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sarahchanson <----listen

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*juneau alaskan science-fiction writer bobbi mccutcheon's novel "father mars, mother earth" is available at volitar!

http://www.volitar.com/fathermarsmotherearth.htm <----read the prologue

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