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the volitar miner  - news from the 22nd  century  a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar ® january 2003
a monthly publication based on the science-fiction world of volitar

issue #10
in this issue:

1) featured artist: becky engstrom --- volitar's dr.desiree lear (part 1)

2) becky engstrom's interview april 2002 w/kfmg radio's rhonda mann

3) dr. desiree lear t-shirt: volitar's first official t-shirt is released to public

  becky engstrom as volitar's dr. desiree lear - planetary geologist.



featured artist: becky engstrom --- volitar's dr.desiree lear (part 1)

becky played a huge part not only in the creation of her character dr. desiree lear - planetary geologist but, she also co-wrote parts of murder mystery mayhem's script and has credits for writing lyrics in "soul searching".

most notably, her character dr. desiree lear was spun from the idea that we wanted to create a female that depicted a saucy-surrealistic character reminiscent of the early 1960's tv episodes of star trek and the intelligence and independence of a modern woman. in fact, 1960's sci-fi in combination with modern 21st century american culture was the base from which we wrote the entire script, created an used sound effects and adapted old an new synthesis into the music.

initially, i had written desiree's lines to be fairly serious in nature but, as the recording process of murder mystery mayhem continued becky improvised by adding her own interpretation of her character. being a woman, she had a greater understanding of how american culture in the 1960's viewed women and how television and movies portrayed them. under her suggestions we modified desiree's part to be saucier and more seductive - the way 60's star trek or "b rated" sci-fi would depict her.


becky was able to transform this intelligent but saucy character to her image as well. we decided, women in the 22nd century would wear wigs, not because they wanted to but, because they had to. in the mid 21st century earth's pollution became global and after several decades of acid rain, both men and women lost their body hair. it became fashionable for women to wear wigs and men to wear hats. in addition, most of earth's animal population became extinct - only certain species were saved for cultivation to feed the masses. synthetic animal prints became the rave in men's fashions and men who wore real animal furs and hides were wealthy or powerful. during becky's and my photo sessions we used these themes in the clothing we chose - to the 5 fingered open hand gesture that was created to be a 22nd century, volitarian greeting.


you'll recognize some of the photos from the murder mystery mayhem cd insert and others that have not yet been incorporated into any volitar promotions. many of these photos will likely be used in the next cd "the war in ganthros", although a new photo shoot will be set for sometime next fall.

i recently, late october 2002, hiked juneau, alaska's mt. juneau to capture images of it's fall colors above timberline. i hope to integrate these images to create a background in which graphic artist bud curtis can add additional computer based images. with the combination of real and surreal, i'd like to create the look of ganthros's center planet "ganthros" in the midst of civil war. stay tuned as volitar's tribute to becky engstrom continues.

written by: andrew engstrom





becky engstrom's interview april 2002 w/kfmg radio's rhonda mann

i've included audio excerpts from an interview with becky and magic 100.7 fm's rhonda mann. use this link to hear becky describe, in her own words, her thoughts on the making of volitar: murder mystery mayhem. becky's interview april 2002. for those who would rather read than listen, i've transcribed the interview in full.


computer voice: please welcome back planetary geologist, dr. desiree lear played by becky engstrom.

kfmg's rhonda mann: hi, desiree!

becky/desiree: hi, am i supposed to use my desiree voice?

kfmg's rhonda mann: yes!

becky/desiree: o.k..

kfmg's rhonda mann: well, we'll introduce everyone to desiree right now. desiree, how did you become involved in volitar with your husband andy? and... becky, how did desiree develop?

becky/desiree: andy and i have a love for science-fiction especially when it's headed towards the b-rated side like star trek - the old star trek and some of the old movies that had interesting effects. and... when andy wanted to go in that direction with it a little bit - his music is incredible but - when he wanted to lighten up and do something fun, he definitely said, 'help me out becky' and most of our vacations have been spent trying to create characters. and andy would say, 'who would make a great newscaster'? and, we'd think about it and i'd say, 'joan cahill'! and so, we got joan cahill's voice to be a newscaster. or, he would say, 'what should happen now'? and we would talk about where the story should go.

if you know andy, you know he's not going to create anything unless there is a playful side to it. and... when we started talking about her character we decided that trevor braiden would be serious and focused and although desiree would be an intelligent woman she would bring a - kind of saucy fun side to it. just like in the old science fiction, when you look at the women, they were intelligent and they were incredible women but, they definitely had a fun side to them. we were looking at some of the older science fiction that had been created, the movies and even the radio plays to create the character of desiree.

part of the fun of this is - andy and i were thinking of rocky horror picture show... you know how there are times when everyone just dances and because i have a strong background in dance and i am a choreographer, i put together a dance to "faces" and ran it past andy and a few others and they picked it up quickly, which is important when you're doing a dance you want people to pick up and have fun with it needs to be very easy to recognize and learn. so, we are going to be showing that at the release party and then at the end we'll be teaching it, so people can have fun doing it.

as for the people that were involved in volitar, i have to say it was very interesting going away during the day to school to work. i'd come home in the evening and andy would say, 'you'll never believe what scott did' or he'd say, 'becky, you've got to hear what george bryson did'! you know? and i'd say, 'andy i've had such a tiring day' and he'd drag me downstairs to say, 'but this is incredible'! so, in a way, i got to experience some of the work that these fabulous people did. while i was away it was incredible to see how it came about and all of the talent that was put into this production.





dr. desiree lear t-shirt: volitar's first official t-shirt is released to public

i want to thank all of the volitar miner subscriber's last month for replying to the t-shirt questionaire. from your suggestions, i created this t! this is the first volitar: murder mystery mayhem t-shirt to be release and is available in: (small, medium, large, x-lrg.) sizes.


it's a 100% cotton t-shirt and the "dr. desiree lear" design has been applied via a heat shrinking process. it comes in your choice of 2 colors: (white and black) and is available for the low introductory price of $10 (us). what better way to show your support with this one-of-a kind t!!! and... the best part is, i'm throwing in the shipping and handling fees for free!!! ---- even if you live in japan!

the back of the t-shirt has all of dr. desiree lear's saucy 1-liners from the murder mystery mayhem cd. (shown below)



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