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"blastoff" (sequence)

the year is 2117. trevor braiden and planetary geologist dr. desiree lear blastoff to braiden's mining moon volitar in search of new nitranium ore deposits.


"deep freeze" (song)

shortly after blastoff trevor and desiree enter the deep freeze capsules to stop their bodies aging process during the 1 1/2 year trip to volitar.

"faces" (song)
desiree takes trevor out for a spin on the gateway theater's dance floor as the 22nd century rock band, "dreaming out loud" perform faces.
"just one look" (song)
longing for compassion and understanding, desiree sings just one look knowing taylor parish, volitar mining's vice-president, may reveal secrets of her past.
"the fire of section 17" (song)
a bomb blast rips through the volitar mining compound killing several volitar employees including vice-president parish!
"dead" (song)
trevor bewildered from the loss of his best friend finds new strength to carry on through the love of a woman.
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