i had my entrance into the world of music at age 5, when i began piano lessons in my hometown juneau, alaska. once a week, after kindergarten, i delved into the basics of music rhythm, reading and performing. although, i didn�t stick with piano, i did study violin from the ages of 9 to 11. percussion /drum set became an interest in 9th grade. my sister jen and best friend jaime leon had already been studying percussion for a year when i hopped on board. it was their excitement for the art that lured me in.

since then, 1981, i�ve studied percussion at different schools around the country. cornish institute of the arts/ seattle, wa, the university of alaska/ juneau and anchorage, percussion institute of technology/ hollywood, ca, and colorado state university/ fort collins.

although i have primarily been a professional drummer, i continue to expand my musical horizons. along with percussion i studied composition and music theory at colorado state. i received honors in music theory for a semester for an analysis of a webern tone-row composition. further, i attended the recording workshop/ chillicothe, oh to study sound engineering. i am, foremost self taught but, wanted to emphasize the formal education aspect of my studies. i find that without formal training my skills, as a composer/drummer/pianist/engineer would have plateaued earlier- education provides a resource from which to draw inspiration.

i�ve had the pleasure, throughout the years, of playing with some phenomenal musicians. here is a recent list of cd�s i�ve performed on:

"murder mystery mayhem
"a progressive-rock cd incorporating music and sound effects with a full cast science-fiction drama".

compositionally, this is my first cd. i express my musical background in a variety of different styles, modes and meters. foremost, it is progressive-rock but, there are flavors of jazz , industrial, pop and soundtrack. other than major and minor, phrygian is a mode that is explored. made-up scales and strange accidentals also add to the drama by expressing different emotions in the music. odd meters were used in addition to 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8. 5/8 and 7/8 meters are common in "murder mystery mayhem".

sound effects and a science-fiction story play a major role in this revolutionary "concept cd". the sound effects passages not only put you in a scene, (a nightclub, spaceship, laser research laboratory etc...) but also are incorporated into the music. the story features a 10 person cast playing 15 different characters

join me in the 22nd century to find "who is trying to kill trevor braiden"!!! a must have for science-fiction fans. buy now!


ford james

"this one moment"




"released in 1999, this debut cd contains a collection of music which could be categorized as jazz fusion, though remarkably progressive and smooth."

get more info on ford's music at www.fordjames.com



peter jon gillquist "ancient" "real" "real to reel" (video)

"peter jon gillquist writes and performs acoustic folk rock from the perspective of an orthodox college student. his music appeals to teens, college students, and parents, too."

get more info on peter jon's music at www.peterjon.com



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