volitar: murder mystery mayhem
episode 1 ©2002 andrew engstrom
volitar: alien world
episode 2 ©2006 andrew engstrom

andrew engstrom | drums, vocals, synthesizers, programming, rhythm guitar on "faces"
scott hamilton | guitars
ford james | basses
andrea mogil | alto and tenor flutes

jon hanson - trumpet on "deep freeze and "fire of section 17"
dale mcfarlin - djimb'e on "mourning" mike fieldhouse - congas on "mourning"
leslie rostron - vocals on "just one look" william todd hunt - sax on "dead"

lyrics and music - andrew engstrom
partial lyrics - becky jo engstrom on "soul searching"
leslie rostron on "just one look"
sound fx passages - andrew engstrom

andrew engstrom | trevor braiden, enox, night club emcee, additional voices
becky jo engstrom | dr. desiree lear

ray imel - felix liddy and officer mort
carrie arbogast - nanette harding and shuttle computer voice
ford james - taylor parish
tim hulse - harold athey
murray damitio - pierre pardon
joan cahill - anchor woman
kent dawson - police chief o'brian
carl behnert - ganthronian waiter and night club patron

script - andrew engstrom and becky jo engstrom

created and recorded between the summer of 1998 and winter of 2002
produced by andrew engstrom
mixed and mastered by george bryson
photography by andrew and becky jo engstrom
designed by bud curtis

recorded at volitar studio -juneau, engineer - andrew engstrom
paramount - hollywood, engineer - george bryson
gold street studios - juneau, engineer - george bryson
on location at gastineau school - juneau, engineer - andrew engstrom
assisted by becky jo engstrom, ray imel and elissa borges

mixed at volitar studio - juneau, assistant engineer - andrew engstrom. skip saylor's - hollywood, engineer - george bryson
mastered at gold street studios- juneau, engineer - george bryson
design by bud curtis at alaska grafix

to becky and brick
for their never ending support and encouragement!

for their technical contributions:
albert mcdonnell at skate bottom sound | josh lovett | bruce dawson | ford james at yasure media | ryan stanley at alaska media | bill kozlowski at rock alaska | mark alton at gold street studios

for their time and energy:
scott hamilton, ford james, andrea mogil, jon hanson, william todd hunt, mike fieldhouse, dale macfarlin, leslie rostron, ray imel, elissa borges, carrie arbogast, tim hulse, murray damitio, kent dawson, joan cahill, carl behnert, josh levitt, ryan stanley, bruce dawson, bud curtis, albert macdonnell, jim and salty hanes, bill kozlowski, mark alton and george bryson, chris jackowski, jennifer alexander, randy miotke, tag eckles, jeff brown, jeff chapman, riley woodford and all of the wonderful people of juneau, alaska.


musicians & actors

andrew engstrom | vocals, synthesizers, percussion, sound fx's, sound engineering. voice characters: trevor braiden, command base leader.

ward f. ward | rhythm and lead guitars

becky jo engstrom | voice character: dr. desiree lear

tim hulse | voice character: harold athey

+ andrea mogil | tenor and alto flutes on "understood" and "alien world"

+ carl behnert | voice character: space ship captain

+ rick trostel | flugelhorn on "hydro-cycle"

+ sheldon winters | trumpet on "understood"

+ george bryson | acoustic guitar on "saved", harmony vocals on "i believe in you"

+ laurel stone | vocals on "saved" and "i believe in you"

+ angela crepeau | voice character: ganthronian general

+ jaime leon | voice character: wedding officiant

+ josephine claire engstrom | voice character: herself

main background image (c) spacelands.de
costume created by becky jo engstrom artwork by andrew engstrom, bud curtis and frank lewecke recorded and mixed by george bryson and andrew engstrom

thank you for your contribution and support:

rockin' ron at ksup radio + ronda mann at kfmg radio + howard margolin at wusb destinies: the voice of science fiction + cosmic landscapes + sandro lane + mark alton + william and therese hunt + tag eckles + todd vierra at gold street studios + the hangar on the wharf + barb cambell + george wallace + albert mcdonnell + bud curtis + dave hunsaker + tony stasiek at the bellingham herald + lisa weber + peter jon gillquist at saint romanos records + joel reynolds at ak this month + chris boyd + jedd beaudoin at ghostland.com + larry athey + elisabeth and doug lee + annie and mark knight + ryan marr + nick and cyndi polley = + + progressive world + dave crabtree + ganasha howell + evan thibodeau + clairen stone + giselle stone + justin sanbei + raleigh bartholomew + zak kirkpatrick + brianna nelson + chelsea rothchild + meagan wiley + edmar carrillo + mary joy yadao + sonne layle olse + michaela goade + andria budbill + the phoenix gang + juan, cathy and mercedes munoz + skip and demetra stone + allan engstrom + aubrey hulse + jason maroney + brick engstrom







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