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  april 2002

dr. desiree lear received her ph.d. in planetary geology from orbita collegium in 2112. she has spent the last 5 years specializing in laser technology, mineral surveying and extraction. traveling to numerous planets and moons, meeting the inhabitants, and matching wits with her fellow colleagues, you could say desiree has been around. to let you know a little secret... dr. lear's iq is nothing compared to her common sense. so, don't be afraid to ask her a question! when i journeyed to volitar i ate, slept and drank this woman's advice. of course, i never knew when she was serious, but she sure was a whole lot of fun.

good luck and may your questions be answered. sincerely, trevor braiden.

*if you haven't figured it out on your own, after reading her bio, dr. desiree lear is a fictional character created for the volitar cd "murder mystery mayhem". if you actually use her advice, you cannot hold her responsible unless something great comes of it.












dear desiree,
i plan on attending a volitar party and am not sure what i should wear. how do people dress in the year 2117? the countdown has started and the party is just around the corner. you've got to help me desiree!
naked in the north

dear naked,
you haven't told me if you are male or female... because if you are the former, i will be right over to help you personally. if you are female, i don't want to give away all my secrets but will head you in the right direction. women, if you are going to a volitar party dress to have an evening of saucy dancin' fun. i adore wigs and have one for everyday of an earth week. sometimes i feel like being a redhead, occasionally a silver-head, for special times my green wig matching my eyes is just the right touch. there are so many possibilities and i'll let you in on a little secret...only trevor braiden knows my real color. wigs, wigs, wigs, any color, any design, any length will have you feeling fun the moment you slip it on. next, find two contrasting lip colors. my favorites are a deep dark red worn on my upper lip while using a pale crystal pink on my lower lip. you can try putting the glosses and light colors on your upper lip and darks on the bottom lip...you'll know which combination is best for you. finally, be sure you have given some attention to your hands. it would be embarrassing trying to learn the dance faces after meeting another volitarian, and at the wrong moment you realize how unsightly your hands are-devestation to say the least. don't ruin the moment, get creative. i pick different colors and designs, and like to grow every other nail long. your jewelry choice should be as original as your signature. just remember, if you feel fun and saucy you have chosen the right accessories. as far as clothing is concerned, i'm not sure what is available to you in your location and year. plastics, metallics, synthetics, the idea is to dress fun and add a futuristic twist and i'm sure the volitar party will be a success. just remember...wigs! lips! hands!
gentleman, if you can get your hands on brightly dyed animal and reptile prints your troubles will be over. i'm talking about purple snake skin, paisley printed cow hide or gold alligator skin made into hats, ties, pants, or shoes. if this is difficult to come by always turn to your plastics and synthetics. they will make you wonderfully hot and sweaty. only a few prestigious men on volitar wear real animal skin. after animals became scarce on earth, factories started making synthetic animal prints which allowed for the bright colors. soon after the animals became extinct, the acid rain followed causing an increase in baldness. while women chose wigs, most men decided to wear a variety of full brimmed hats bringing back many historic styles. of course they are made from plastic or fake animal skin, but still just as sexy. you should definitely pay attention to your hands. individuality and creativity are expressed through the hands. whether it be jewelry, nail designs, or tattoos, don't be caught making a toast, or on the dance floor with an expressionless hand. remember men...animal skin! hats! hands!
enjoy your party,

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